Nantong Everclear Environment Technologies Co., Ltd is specialized in development and manufacturing of high end environment equipment solutions for industrial air pollution controls. Combining the most advanced technologies in dust collector design and patented new filter pleated bag/cage technologies, Everclear provides complete range of products and services for industrial air pollution control applications including solutions consulting, 3D design, high precision fabrication, installation and so on.

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    Traditional mining

    High tech equipment focused on air pollution control

    Devote oneself to specialized research

    The company's technical research and development team jointly develops filter fabric products to overcome global technical challenges. For new customer product needs, a research and development team can be formed to customize and develop new products for customers. At present, the company has independent intellectual property rights.

    Steel industry

    High tech equipment focused on air pollution control

    Strict quality control

    Select high-quality raw materials both domestically and internationally, and develop and produce functional filter fabric products. The laboratory is equipped with high-level instruments and equipment, and real-time testing of product data ensures quality. Each production process follows the ISO9001 quality management system, and each product is strictly tested before leaving the factory.

    Industrial boiler

    High tech equipment focused on air pollution control

    Strong production capacity

    A complete set of imported production equipment and independently developed hot roller shaping equipment, using German technology, produce various types of filter fabric products. With an annual output of 2 million square meters, it has become a supplier of large-scale copper and nickel smelting in the world.

    Aluminum projects

    High tech equipment focused on air pollution control

    perfect service

    Collect and analyze filter materials on site before sales, and select them scientifically. During sales follow-up, timely update the usage of filter cloth and maintain surrounding products. During the after-sales period, analyze the physical problems and blockage of the filter cloth during use. Filter cloth that does not meet the filtering effect or is in an unqualified state of use will be re selected.

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